• A Guide to Negotiating Your Notice Period

    11 months ago

    ​In Germany, the average notice period is 3 months but can be as long as 6 months. There is a good reason behind this - to protect your rights as an employee in case of redundancy or termination. However, while a notice period should be treated with respect, there might be situations where proactively discussing your leaving date with your employer could be of benefit for y...

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  • Cyber Security Talent Insights

    about 1 year ago

    ​​The cyber security market is predicted to grow to $266 billion by 2027, but with opportunity comes many risks, disruptions and challenges. With skilled business-critical cyber security professionals in high demand, companies must develop effective hiring solutions to capitalize on the market and protect their systems, networks, and data against cyber attacks and security...

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  • Performance over Presence

    about 3 years ago

    ​For the past year, the high-speed mass adoption of flexible working required employers to redefine and re-examine the workplace. As expected, forward-thinking Tech and IT companies that embrace digital transformation were the ones that continued to thrive in this new environment. If flexible agility, cloud technology, and secure infrastructures are signs of permanent ...

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  • Cybersecurity Market Update

    about 6 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Glocomms' insight on the 2018 Cybersecurity Landscape Across the End-User and Vendor ArenasIntroductionGlocomms was founded on the premise of Cybersecurity becoming the most in-demand and integral part of technology across all industries. In 2017, we saw a multitude of high-profile cyberattacks targeting various companies including Uber, Deloitte and Equifax with the most p...

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    Cyber Sec Market Update