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How to Avoid a Talent Exodus Post-Pandemic

Posted on July 2020

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​​Nobody yet knows what the legacy of COVID-19 will be. HR and recruitment experts are increasingly concerned businesses which do survive this period will face a further crisis in the shape of talent acquisition and retention in ‘the new normal’.

Anxiety about the workforce is not new: a recent PWC study found 80% of CEOs are either extremely or somewhat concerned about their organisation’s ability to access skilled labour in the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbates this problem in two ways: high-quality employees are more essential than ever, as businesses prepare to recover and relaunch; and the lockdown period has given many workers a new level of clarity about their work-life dynamic. The result could be a mass exodus of talent post-pandemic.

For example, in a recent poll, 82% of tech professionals say they want their employer to encourage more working from home in the future. This is not necessarily bad news for employers: it is an opportunity to accelerate changes to workplace organisation which were already well underway before 2020 reared its head.

From remote working and digital transformation to transparency, communication and support, there needs to be a wholesale rethinking of how successful employers treat their staff and go about their business post-pandemic. Leaders and management must demonstrate how much they value their talent, and provide real incentives for high calibre employees to stick with them.

Download our full guideto learn more about the five fundamental ways to avoid a talent exodus and keep you seats filled with the best talent:

1. Consistent Communication
2. Transparency and Openness
3. Adapt and Innovate to meet Employees’ Needs
4. Provide Support and Authority
5. Foreground meaning and Plan for the Long Term

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