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How to Look Beyond the CV to Find the Right Talent

Posted on November 2019

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​While CVs are useful for hiring managers who are looking to employ within the German technology sector in terms of being able to tick the ‘must have’ boxes for required skills, there is a lot they can’t tell you about a candidate. Candidates are also likely to exaggerate about their skills and achievements on a CV, or make out they had more responsibility in a previous role than they actually held.

When hiring for new roles in the tech sector, it is more useful to look beyond the CV to find those soft skills and personality traits which will fit in your unique culture and the requirements of your team. A resume, however impressive, cannot tell you if a candidate has enthusiasm, drive or an infectious positive personality.

This article will help hiring managers look for these qualities during the recruitment process, and how to test a candidate beyond telling you how good they are, but instead showing you what they are capable of.