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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2019

Woman smiling packing possessions

​Even when quitting a job you hate, it is vital to leave your position on good terms with both your boss and your co-workers. Future employers will use your current position as a reference, and you don’t want to leave a role in a manner which gains you a bad reputation within the close knit German technology sector.

However, there are ways to leave a job you hate while still remaining professional and dignified. For example, if you do want the reasons for your leaving to be known, it is best to discuss this during your exit interview with your HR manager, rather than outlining them in a formal notice of resignation.

This guide outlines the dangers of burning bridges when leaving a professional role, and will help you quit your position in the right way, to help ensure you walk through your office door on the best note possible.


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